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The videos here are hosted in embedded YouTube as well as in HTML5 formats (streamed from our server). The audio-only podcast version is also available for those who would like to listen while travelling. If you would like to download and save a video for later playback, such as for your local church or house church fellowship, please follow this easy method:
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Today, And That Day

Join in and tell your friends about this great opportunity for worship and fellowship, seminars, workshops and the business of our church in Australia.
3 min. #958

Messageweek Ministries

Treasured Possession

God loves us. He yearns zealously over us. In His eyes, we are His treasured possession, "the apple of His eye", and He wants to give us everything good.
28 min. #957

Messageweek Ministries

Christ Centred Church

Why would you invite your friend to church services? What about the church just down the street - why not fellowship there? Are there any biblical distinctives that are non-negotiable? 44 min. #956

Messageweek Ministries

You'll Never Walk Alone!

When we come to the end of ourselves, with no "arrows in our quiver", depleted, exhausted and humiliated, it's at that moment when Jesus meets us. He lifts us out of the "miry pit" or the enemy's snare with goodness, mercy and grace.
37 min. #955

Messageweek Ministries

Sin, Iniquity & Transgression

History is remembered for its heroes, those who overcame great obstacles and adversity, to finally overcome self, the world and Satan, and follow a higher calling through our Lord Jesus Christ to receive the “Crown of Life”. 28 min. #954

Messageweek Ministries

Our Sufficiency in Christ

Is your identity in Christ? Is your sufficiency in Christ? And, is your narrative then anchored in Christ? 33 min. #953

Messageweek Ministries

Your Younger Self

What would you say to your younger self?

7 min. #952

Messageweek Ministries

Clothed in Kindness

Nakedness is testimony to our conscious self-awareness, a transcendent dignity, as well as being a clay model work-in-progress - in other words, we're not yet complete. So, how do you dress each day? 31 min. #951

Messageweek Ministries

Remember, Celebrate & Proclaim

Who is the most influential person in all of known history? "All these scriptures testify of Me," he told the skeptics. Angels rejoiced, shepherds notified, wise men worshipped and prophecy fulfilled. But, that's only part of the story!
38 min. #950

"This We Believe" series

This We Believe series is continued on our 2022 video page

There is no greater joy than knowing our Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him finding our true identity, vision, courage and clarity, purpose, meaning and destiny.

Pastor John Classic

30+ years filming. 950+ gospel films. One compelling message.

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