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Short film by Leah Anderson. (Film #534)


What does the Bible say about Jesus? Is he God, or just the Son of God? In this message, we simply take what the scriptures do say.
(28 min. Studio re-recording. Presented by John Klassek. Film #533)

Born Again

Born again sons and daughters of God living in this world. (2 min) [Film#532]

IMC Argentina 2016

The International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2016. Share in this exciting time of fellowship, leadership, collaboration and planning, with a greater emphasis in the Word: Jesus Christ. The theme of the conference was "The Whole Word for the Whole World". [Film#524]

Fellowship in the Word

They ate and drank and experienced the bonds of fellowship. And only then they could discuss "business"!  (Excerpt from "Fellowship in the Word", shared during the Common Faith Network Feast of Tabernacles 2016 in Ft. Walton, Florida, USA). [Film #531)

Thanksgiving Weekend

Short music video, capturing moments of our Thanksgiving Dinner/Weekend in November 2016. [Film#529]

Certain Hope

Do you know the difference? Are you "certain" or "uncertain" about the things you hope for? 16 min [Film#530]


Whaid Rose summaries this central doctrine in an excerpt from his sermon "The Whole Man for the Whole World". 2 min [Film#528]

Tell me about your church!

Loren Stacy shares a less-than-a-minute summary! 1 min [Film#527]

Flowers of the Field

What is really important in your life? Consider the "flowers of the field" in setting priorities. 2 min [Film#522]

Embracing Jesus

You're a Christian - a follower of Jesus? What does that mean? By Leah Anderson. 1 min [Film#491]

Grace & Truth

Grace and Truth cannot sucessfully exist or function separately, and we find the perfect example of this in Jesus Christ.

Story of our lives?

Is this the story of our lives? Heading with no control to the end? 38 second video. Order your copy of our free, easy-to-read book "Hope of the Resurrection" now, posted to your address. No cost. No follow-up. Just our gift to you. 1 min [Film#477]

Conversations about Compassion

Conversations about Compassion. Moving insights and observations from these seven Godly men.


The benefits of solitude and quiet seem to eclipse us in our frenetic world. Filmed at Lillico Beach on Tasmania's North West Coast, this short film challenges us to allow those quiet times that further facilitate asking those big life questions. 2 min [Film#503]

Resurrection Hope

Believing in Jesus' resurrection and anticipating the resurrection of all people, we'd like to give you a free, autographed copy of the book "Hope of the Resurrection".

Mystery of Hanging Rock

The daunting nature of Hanging Rock, in Victoria, Australia, as told in a novel and later portrayed in film, speaks today of a deeper significance. 2 min [Film#483]

The First and the Last Word

Who or what has the "last say" or "final word" in your life?
Excerpt from "The First and the Last Word", House Church message, presented by elder John Klassek.
Sept 2016, 5 min

I'm Free!

Brother Carlo sings "I'm" Free at the Church of God (Seventh Day) Super Sabbath hosted in Adelaide, South Australia. 3 min [Film#500]

Defining Marriage

The last word on defining marriage in our changing society.

Alex & Jessica

Share the joy and celebration of Alex and Jessica Rowland's wedding. A stirring testimony to the holiness and immutable gift of marriage

Does God Exist?

Does God exist? Who is Jesus and how do you find out?


Is God somewhere sidelined in the background, allocated to a little corner of your life? Does He exist at all? Soul-searching questions we all must ask.

Suicide Solution

The Avon Valley Black Dog motorcycle ride, raising awareness for a cause in desperate need of hope and healing. There is only one solution!

 What is your testimony?

Spoken often in difficult and testing times, their testimonies were powerful, clear, resolute, unambiguous, and glorified God in every word and every nuance!

Grace & Truth

What will your epitaph be? Short message "Grace and Truth" shared by John Klassek in Perth, WA.

Life in Christ

Life in Christ. The best is yet to come.
Presented by John Klassek

Conversations about Courage

"Conversations about Courage" is the first in a series of short interviews. Many thanks to Calvin, Bryan, Ernie, David and Peter for sharing their insights and experiences.

Time to Celebrate

Time to celebrate not only the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, but also His millennial rule. Presented from the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Sabbath Experience

Introducing you to an ancient truth in a fresh way.