Story of our lives?

Is this the story of our lives? Heading with no control to the end? 38 second video. Order your copy of our free, easy-to-read book "Hope of the Resurrection" now, posted to your address. No cost. No follow-up. Just our gift to you.

Grandma's Prayers

Your great grand parents went to their graves believing they would see their loved ones again.

The Great Awakening!

Early preview of Resurrection film, shot on location throughout Australia.

Certain Hope

Do you know the difference? Are you "certain" or "uncertain" about the things you hope for? 16 min.


Whaid Rose summaries this central doctrine in an excerpt from his sermon "The Whole Man for the Whole World".

Embracing Jesus

You're a Christian - a follower of Jesus? What does that mean? Presenter: Leah Anderson.

Resurrection Hope

Believing in Jesus' resurrection and anticipating the resurrection of all people, we'd like to give you a free, autographed copy of the book "Hope of the Resurrection".

Loved ones

Will you ever see your loved ones again.